Update to Police and Crime Plan Published

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, has published an addendum to his Police and Crime Plan to set out priorities until after the police and crime commissioner elections in May.

The overall plan has not changed significantly since Dr Billings came to office in 2014. It has been refreshed each year to take account of any changing or emerging priorities. The over-arching theme is for ‘South Yorkshire to be a safe place to live, learn and work’. The Plan asks South Yorkshire Police, commissioned services and funded partners to contribute towards this by:

• Protecting Vulnerable People
• Tackling Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
• Treating People Fairly

The Plan was due to be replaced from 1 April 2021. However, the coronavirus pandemic led to the postponement of the PCC elections from 2020 to May this year. Therefore the PCC has set out areas of focus for the Force to concentrate on until the elections have taken place and either a new or returning PCC draws up a new plan for the next four years.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “A new Police and Crime Plan will be designed by either myself as returning PCC, or a new PCC following the May elections. My aim with this addendum is to provide focus and direction for the Force, and partners, in the period until that new Plan is produced.

“The priorities remain the same but I have also asked for specific focus around some issues that the public have told us that they feel most strongly about. This, combined with the force’s own analysis of crime trends, tells me where the biggest demands for policing are coming from, and that in turn helps me to set out the priorities.

“Neighbourhood crimes such as house burglary, vehicle theft and drug-dealing, along with anti-social behaviour, blight many areas and affect many lives. These, together with domestic abuse and serious and organised crime, are always top of peoples’ worries.

“But I am also seeing an increase in concerns from people living in rural areas about specific crimes and acts of serious anti-social behaviour as well as growing concerns about road safety and speeding.

During lock-down we have also seen a rise in online and cyber-related issues.”

The force is also being asked to take more actions to overcome disproportionality and become more inclusive and to ensure the greater visibility of neighbourhood teams.

The full Police and Crime Plan and Addendum can be viewed here.