Dr Alan Billings visited the Young Women’s Housing Project in Sheffield on Tuesday 21 April 2015, to see how funding from the Commissioner’s grant scheme was helping young women in the city.

He visited their offices and heard from Manager Jo Meagher on how the project helps over 50 vulnerable young women a year who have been affected by sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and sexual violence.  He later went on to join some of the young women at one of their sessions with a therapeutic support worker.

The project currently has a number of houses and flats across Sheffield.  They house up to 13 young women at any one time, providing safe accommodation along with specialist support and practical help.  The young women are encouraged to work through key areas of importance to them, and learn how to recognise healthy relationships and signs of abuse.

The Young Women’s Housing Project received £27,000 in the 2014/15 community grant scheme.

Dr Billings said: “It was encouraging to see the good work the Young Women’s Housing Project does with vulnerable people in Sheffield.  I have met some very dedicated people today, helping others face difficulties in their lives and understand how to keep safe and avoid putting themselves in vulnerable situations.

“I am pleased the grant funding is providing outreach and on-site support to these women.  I wish everyone involved with the project every success.”

Jo Meagher, Project Manager from the Young Women’s Housing Project said: “We were delighted to be awarded a grant by the Police & Crime Commissioner, as a result we have developed a programme to increase awareness around sexual exploitation, violence and abusive behaviours.

“The grant also funded training for a member of our team to become an Independent Sexual Abuse Advisor, this is a vital role to help clients through the judicial process if they choose to report abuse.”

Young women, workers, friends or family members can make referrals by calling 0114 268 0580 or find more information on