The SYCJB  has established two priority steering groups to deliver its ambitions as contained in its strategic plan – Victim-focused Efficiency & Rehabilitate & Reduce Reoffending.

These multi-agency priority groups develop plans  to focus on the delivery of partners’ shared ambitions.  The groups usually come together on a quarterly basis to develop detailed plans; take stock of progress achieved and of emerging issues that require partnership attention; and co-ordinate activity.

Each priority group has monitoring arrangements in place to support their work.


The group’s key activities focus upon:

  • Streamlining processes (such as the provision of forensic information and case files proportionate to the needs of the case
  • Advancing the use of Digital technology within Magistrates’ Courts and the Crown Court
  • Improving delivery of CJS existing services within South Yorkshire  – improving speed with which cases are dealt with; increasing productivity, and reducing inconvenience associated with victims & witnesses having to attend court unnecessarily
  • Ensuring that sentences are complied with


The group’s key activities are focused upon:

  • Managing offenders effectively & keeping communities safe during a period of significant organisational change
  • Providing opportunities for restorative approaches to be available and used throughout the criminal justice journey
  • Working to rehabilitate young offenders
  • Supporting offenders to get the help they need to prevent reoffending, particularly those leaving prison and those with health needs