A further four organisations are to receive funding from Dr Alan Billings from his Community Grant Scheme.

The funding has been allocated to two organisations in Sheffield, one in Doncaster and a further project in Barnsley.

The successful organisations include Darnall Forum, who supports Asian Women in the Tinsley and Darnall area.  As many women in this area are unable to recognise the serious abuse that they were experiencing and often thought that this was normal, meaning it goes unreported and unchallenged.  Darnall Forum have received £4,173 to engage with local women to offer guidance and support on confidence and addressing domestic abuse issues.

De Hood based on the Manor in Sheffield are a previous grant recipient after setting up their boxing sessions for young people.  After demonstrating a clear reduction in anti-social behaviour in the area, they are now planning to diversify in to other activities and have been awarded £5,000 to develop 5-a-side football and dance.  De Hood is based in the Old Prince Edwards School and act as a central community base, encouraging young people to channel their energy in to positive activities.

After concerns in Worsbrough, Barnsley about young people congregating in the park, Worsbrough Bridge Cricket Club have taken the proactive approach of contacting those involved and asking them to join in with indoor net sessions. With funding of £1,330 it is estimated that up to 20 young people aged between 15 and 22 will be invited by the Cricket Club to come along and get involved in the sessions to focus their energy in a positive way and divert them away from anti-social behaviour.

Finally, The Youth Association in Balby have secured £4,834 funding to address a number of concerns with young people in the area.  Balby is experiencing a number of issues perpetrated by young people who are bored and have nowhere to go on an evening.  They plan to use the funding to develop a programme that works with these young people and attract them in to a positive developmental programme of activity.  They plan to work with the young people to help improve their skills and broaden their experiences to offer them more choices in life and better employment opportunities.

Grant Funding from Dr Billings is provided throughout the year and organisations can apply for funding up to £5,000 at anytime.  A panel made up of representatives from South Yorkshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner discuss each application and submit their recommendations to Dr Billings.

Chief Inspector Jayne Forrest, Head of Community Safety from South Yorkshire Police said: “This new grant system is proving to be extremely popular.  In recent years, the Commissioner has funded a number of organisations based on the applications received in a very short window.

“What we have now is the opportunity to access each application and map it within areas that the police can see issues.  From a community safety point of view, we can establish how these funded projects can really make a difference not only to those attending, but the local residents and communities of South Yorkshire.

“It is no surprise to see how the funding is being allocated as there is still far too many young people with no support or guidance on an evening since the closure of so many youth provisions.  We aim to ensure that through funding targeted organisations, we can start to turn their energy in to something positive for the community.”

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner added: “This years funding is going right to the communities that need it.  The panel I have set up to oversee each project are ensuring that funding is distributed across Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

“To date, £43,000 in funding has been allocated to 11 organisations.  I have specifically targeted supporting young and vulnerable people, especially in Sheffield, so would now encourage organisations from Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster to apply for funding.”